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Session Presenter Description
"I need to sort out my wardrobe":
An introduction to Image Classification of fashion items using Deep Learning
Amy Boyd Classifying numbers and letters is so last season... Let’s classify our wardrobes instead! This is an introduction to deep learning using image classification. In this session we will walk through the Azure Notebooks experience and the deep learning API, Keras. This will show you, step-by-step, how to classify clothing into categories such as dresses, t-shirts, sandals, trainers etc. The dataset we will use will be the Fashion MNIST dataset from Zalando, the online fashion brand.
Building your Professional Brand:
Creating a personal brand at work
Angela Bos Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s a way of establishing and consistently reinforcing who you are and what you stand for in your career and life. Building a strong personal brand is a choice which takes time, effort, and energy. Whether you’re looking to build confidence, are considering a new role or want to establish yourself as a thought leader, during this session you will learn some practical tips on how build a personal brand.
Data Democratization:
Making analytics accessible with the Microsoft Power Platform
Ainize Cidoncha Come along to discover how the Power Platform tools, Power BI, Power Apps and Flow are democratizing the way data is used and consumed. We’ll look at the art of the possible with these tools and show you how to get started with building dashboards and apps to analyse and visualize any data! No previous experience necessary.
The Imposter in Me:
How to overcome feeling like a fraud in tech
Holly Boothroyd Holly shares how imposter syndrome has been interlaced into her tech journey, the obstacles it introduced, and the techniques and lessons she learnt to overcome it. Walk away with practical advice on how to squash your inner critic and replace it with the self-confidence that will lead you to greater success and a healthier mindset.
Building the Workspace of the Future:
Transforming employee engagement with Microsoft Teams
Rakhi Sachdeva, Emma Ledger The workplace is becoming increasingly fast-paced and complex, which means business leaders must ensure they invest in technology that empowers workers with collaboration rather than fostering isolation but is only implementing new Technology the answer? Come join us to know more about some other factors that needs to complement technology and have a strongly influence on any organisation’s journey to build a smart and efficient workspace that not only attracts but retains great talent.
New Leadership Lessons:
Developing capability and resilience
Tia Louden Tia became a team lead of an Incident Response team back in October, her first leadership role on a brand new Microsoft managed vendor contract. This session will look at the lessons she learned, and the challenges of a new leader. Tia will cover common mistakes (of which she will admit to making a few) and how to avoid them. She hopes that attendees will share their own stories and advice to help all of us to become successful leaders in the industry.
Reimagining Accessibility:
How building an accessible workforce can empower everyone
Phillippa Ritchie Accessibility shouldn't be an afterthought. Here at Microsoft, we are building our products with accessibility built in by design helping people with and without disabilities achieve more. This session will explain why caring about accessibility is so important and will showcase a few of the capabilities to help make everyone's life that little bit easier.
How to be a Role Model:
A roundtable discussion
Jane Pitt If you can't be it if you can't see it. So how do we make ourselves visible to those who need a role model for women in tech? How can we be influencers? How can we be heard amongst all of the other, conflicting voices? This is an open discussion, so bring your ideas and examples of how and where to be a successful role model.